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About me

Hi, my name is Paulo Kramer, I'm 26 years old and have 8 years of professional experience and at least 10 years as a hobby.
I've started my coding journey making some small mods for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a game that I played a lot on my childhood. After this, I've started playing along with Unity 3D and making my own games, I even published two small games to google play store and made a game asset for Unity Asset Store.
Right after I discovered the WEB programming world and liked it so much, I've put much dedication to learn it and still until today working with this stack.
Currently, I'm most working with PHP, using Laravel Framework and a little of NodeJS as the back-end languages and Bootstrap, Tailwind, jQuery and Angular in the most as front-end.



Laravel PHP Bootstrap JS/jQuery SQL

NodeJS Git/Git Flow English React Tailwind CSS Linux/Bash Apache2




I'm been working with web development since 2016, when I started with some little screens with simple logic and evolving until creating some big projects and maintaining others currently.
Also, I work as a Freelancer since the end of 2018, where I worked in some small and big projects, and a little of systems maintaining too.
Recently I'm more focused on my full-time job, a SaaS project and some other side projects for fun.



Some projects i've worked on, front and back-end.

Jung Balonismo

Homepage created for Jung Balonismo Company, with the possibility to estiamte.

HTML / CSS / AlpineJS / TailwindCSS



Weather monitoring and report manager for Wunderground stations.

Laravel / jQuery / WebSockets / RestAPI



jQuery plugins i've created during projects.

Column Heatmap - jQuery

A plugin to generate a heatmap by table column individually.

v1.0 | 06/2020


Table to CSV - jQuery

Plugin for exporting a html table to a .csv file in a easy way.

v1.0 | 03/2021



Utility tools and other funny things.

Text Tools

Useful tools for text manipulation, like: word frequency, list transformer, case converter, base64 decoder...

Awesome Font Generator

Cool fonts generator, turns a simple text into a fancy stylish looking one. Made for use in Twitter, Instagram...

Dark Souls Name Generator

Souls Like name generator based on the Souls Series. Made to generate names to use as nickname in game and for fun.

Island Name Generator

Random Island name generator, initially made for Animal Crossing. But can be used for other games too.


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