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Fonts for Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Discord... Copy and Paste!

If you're looking for a fancy text for your Instagram and Twitter bio, your Facebook post or yours WhatsApp messages, you're in the right place!
Awesome Font Generator is a website where you can generate several different fonts, from cursive to old English fonts, with symbols, borders, spaced, with emojis, crazy and cute formats, everything from a simple text.
You just need to copy and paste your fonts for instagram and change you profile bio, you can also use in discord, facebook or use in message apps, get much more incredible and unique by adding these variations of texts, stand out!

How to use

It is very simple to use, in few steps, you have a awesome text.
First, fill the text field at the top of the page with the text you want to customize.
After that, you can select the purpose for which you want to use your font, you can generate just the text or with the preview of instagram or twitter profile.
Finally, click on the big colored "Get awesome fonts ツ" button below, and then the system takes care of the rest for you.
After generating the fonts, you can see different types by clicking on the filter buttons.
Now relax and browse your awesome fonts.

Copy and Paste

Did you find the perfect font you were looking for?
Great, now just click on the button just below the text to copy it and then you can paste it normally anywhere you want.
It can be on instagram, twitter, facebook or even in your WhatsApp conversation!


Please be aware that these fonts are changed because they are visually similar and not phonetically, so, people who use screen reader for a disability will not be able to understand your text.


We don't store and send any type of data to our server, all text generation processes are performed by your own browser (client-side) by javascript, which is entirely executed by your own device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet.
The only tool that collects data on this page is google analytics, which is used to monitor the number of visits.
By the way, we don't use cookies too.

Fonts or Symbols

Well, I need to tell you something, we don't generate those fonts you know from your daily life as "Arial" or "Comic Sans", but symbols, more precisely Unicode symbols, I will explain right away what it is about.

Unicode Standard

Unicode is the format that the operating system uses to store and display any text from any existing writing system in the world.
The unicode standard already has more than 130 thousand characters, by default, we use the ASCII table as standard, which contains the characters you is seeing now, common letters of our daily lives, but there are several other characters in the unicode, and they are the ones we use to generate your cool fonts!
Crazy isn't it? If you want, you can read more about in the Wikipedia.


Unfortunately, there may be some incompatibilities with the site where you are pasting the fonts, some add filters so that some characters are blocked, probably because they don't want people abusing some characters that make the screens a little buggy, such as some characters of Diacritic.


Did you find a problem? Have a suggestion? Or do you want to get in touch for some other reason?
Access this link to my home page and send a message through the contact form!

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